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The Reddings Store

The last 20 years of working in the visual arts have given me a wealth of incredible opportunities to hone my skills as a photographer. Whether as a lighting technician in theatre, a concert photographer (god, I loved those sacred press passes!), a fashion photographer, a video editor or Conference and Event producer, each role has added something new to my skill set.


When I had my first child (too many years ago now to admit) I decided to stay closer to home, but my love of the visual arts remained. This little Redding’s Farm store is basically everything I love and makes me who I am in one place. As wide ranging as it may be as over the years, I have made those things I love into our family’s every day life. 


I moved us to a field in the middle of Warwickshire to start a small holding. I filled our house and fields with more animals than I can count, all the whole, taking as many photos as I could. 


I have now put all of this is one place; the "fruits" of our 5 years labour — living this life.


You will find courses I have put together, which can be bought as Christmas vouchers. There are posters and prints and cushions galore to decorate your home. Each one, featuring images I’ve shot of the flowers that grow in my garden, turned into cards that can be sent for any occasion. 


All thought up and made by me. All printed using lovely local British-born companies whose quality is second to none. If there is anything you want that you can't see here please feel free to get in touch. 

Bespoke photography and commissions available on request.


Course Vouchers

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