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Heather and Russel Tait

I'm a photographer and he's a conference / video production manager.
We moved to the Reddings in 2016 with our three children and a couple of cats. Since then, we now have around 60 Chickens, 3
 Pygmy goats, 10 Sheep, 3 Dogs 3 cats and 4 Ducks.

Our life has changed enormously and we love it!!

Our days are full of experiencing all the elements the seasons bring, it certainly isn't dull. 

I love experiencing ALL the weather. It's difficult to explain, before we moved the weather was either great or an inconvenience. But here it's so present, here it's part of your life.
The wind might blow you off your feet, but you know it will be creating fire wood to collect. 
The sun might burn your skin, but you can see it's energy working on the land and animals. The rain may drench you in an instant, but the land always looks and smells so fresh
 and the snow and frost transport you away to the most magical wintery lands.
Just like snow flakes, no two days are the same, the ever changing colours are rich, the air is clean. The sounds, sights and feelings,  fill your soul up xx.


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