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The Reddings Farm Small Business Web & Photographic Services

The Reddings Farm Small Business Web & Photographic Services – We can help your small business thrive in the virtual world


If your small business has suddenly become heavily reliant on online or social media channels for survival, The Reddings Farm are here to help.  We have 20+ years experience of creating striking visual imagery (both photographic and online) and can help you make your website or social media channels look incredible, stand out from the crowd and maximise your business potential. 


Whether you need a little support taking amazing photographs of your products or services to captivate and entice new customers on existing web or social media pages, or you need a completely new website to start your online sales journey, we can help you.

If you don’t have the time or know-how to create your own website, yet you don’t have the budget to use a traditional web design agency, give us a call. 

We can write and publish your new website quickly, using our own professional photography.   



We keep things really simple – we use widely available home web design packages, so you can update your own site once it’s up and running.

We don’t charge the earth, we don’t take forever and we don't need you to spend hours writing words or searching for images - we understand that small businesses need to be up and running quickly and without a gigantic price tag.


Product / Service Photography: Prices start from £150. 


Website Design: Prices start from £750

(Prices will vary, based on the size and complexity of the site. As an example, £750 would cover design and publishing of a simple site with online sales capability.   Each job will be quoted on a case by case basis).

Timelines: From as quick as 1 week!

(Timelines will also vary, based on the size and complexity of the site, but we can create, write and publish a simple site with sales capability in 1 week)


For more details on The Reddings Farm Small Business Web & Photographic Services please drop your email in the form below and I will be in touch alternatively give me a call to discuss further.


Video and Event Production

Having worked in the Corporate event industry for over 30 years there isn't much we haven't done or many countries we haven't worked in.

We have been organising live video links and Live Streaming events worldwide for many years. Building a wealth of knowledge and experience, to compliment the events were blend live show experience with our knowledge of Video Production and Motion Graphics to help add impact to your presentation.

As virtual events being even more prevalent, it is still going to be about the event and presentations that stand out from the crowd and get the messages across to the audience.

Not only do we have over 30 years of working in the Event Production Industry, we have 30 years worth of connections in every speciality of our industry. So we can put together the best production team and equipment for your specific event.

The idea behind The Reddings Media Farm was born out of years of working with similar companies all with a unique skill set and a passion for events. We wanted to bring us all together in one place, a one stop shop for all your corporate event needs.


“After Heather did such a fantastic job taking photos of my family and headshots for me to use professionally, I have continued to ask her to take photos for clients of mine to enhance their websites and social media profiles. For small, local businesses, a few striking pictures within your digital presence really helps you stand out above the crowd. Heather has an amazing ability to turn everyday products and services into beautiful images that will make people stop scrolling and read what you’re all about.”

—  Sheona Khan


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