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With the current uncertainity I am doing this course as a voucher for the new year, all the Sloes have been frozen and will be ready to use when we are able to get together again. 


What to expect on arrival.

We will start with a brief introduction and overview of flavoured Sloe gins. We will then head off around the meadows to pick sloes and any other useful fruits we may find. Be prepared for some company as the sheep and pygmy goats are always on the look out for a fuss and treat!

While you are busy picking,  lunch be cooking over a wood fire, ready for when your done.

During lunch, you will be able to taste some of the different flavoured sloe gins we've made.

Then, we'll use the fruit you have foraged to make your own artisan sloe gin.


We will provide all the tools and ingredients you will need, including a Kilner jar to take your gin home in.

Please note you will need to bring along a one litre bottle of unflavoured Gin.

Also bring suitable outdoor footwear and clothing.

Sloe Gin Making

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