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Sloe Gin

So, its been a hectic few weeks and I have really tried to keep my head...... We have had now two 14 day self isolations in just over a month, another national lockdown that meant all my lovely Sloe Gin making courses got kicked back to next year instead. However as I actually need them Sloes to make that Gin I have been busy picking at every chance I get to beat the birds and apparently my Goats and even my dogs have a taste for them too.

We have been hoisted up in the air on the front of the tractor to get to the hard to reach parts but there are hundreds still to get and a brand new freezer in the cellar that is getting increasingly full.

My progress has been rather hindered by only fitting in one day for the In laws to help before lockdown started and having rather unwilling children when they realise how cold its getting and that picking thousands of sloes because I said so isn't actually that fun!

I have been waiting patiently for all my equipment to arrive to put together a few baskets for some of my course attendees but of course all made much slower by lockdown and now isolation but hoping that this time next week I should be making my first deliveries. However all the late night working has meant the odd late night tipple has been had to keep me going and to remind myself that the endless picking is very much worth it. I am absolutely certain that Sloe Gin should actually be made an essential item!!

My recipe is at the bottom if you want to have a go for yourself!

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