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Flower Picking!!

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Hello and Welcome to our first ever blog post - EEEEK!! SO after a very long postponing of opening our beautiful

farm to the outside world we are finally getting there.

Until now our little slice of heaven has been for the rather selfish use of just us and our Family and Friends.

We always have a house guest or two so this last 7 months have been a very strange time. Both of us work in Live Corporate Events and have had a busy career throughout the last 20 years. Covid has given us time to re-evaluate and think more about the home that we love and what we can do. We are now ready to share it with others to share the things we have learned on our small holding and how we can help you learn from our mistakes.

After a VERY windy day, it was time to do a big flower cut. Some of these beauties have been cultivated this year for next years growing stock.

My aim is that next year we should have enough Peonies/ Dahlias and Sunflowers growing in our raised beds that we can sell them to some of our wonderful local florists.

I have been drying my flowers this year for my own wreaths and dried flower arrangements. I currently have a big cut of our Cosmos up drying now with the Hydrangea and I have high hopes for some of my dried Dahlias.

My favourite and most successful flower this year has been my Cosmos Cupcakes Mixed seeds from Sarah Raven, I grew these last year and one packet of seeds filled three large beds they are that good! they grow fast, tall and wide and give you an endless supply of gorgeous flowers for months!

This year I am having a go at drying them so I will see what happens and let you know.

I have tried a few new varieties of Dahlias again from Sarah Raven which have come out FAR bigger than I expected which has been great, however I have discovered my Chickens have a bit of a taste for Dahlia corms so not all of my plants grew unfortunately as I couldn't keep the roaming Chickens off them!! However the ones that survived the chicken attack have been gorgeous.

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